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whyChooseUsUSVC functions on the principles of integrity. As an Arise IBO, we are responsible for issuing CSP’s (Client Support Professionals) bi-weekly pay. Along with your pay, you will receive a breakdown invoice from us. We then take things a step further by also providing you the direct invoice from Arise. This means you will always know every detail of what you’ve earned. This is not standard practice with all IBO’s.

Full transparency is also our belief. We provide you with every opportunity details that include pay and incentives for every position. This information is exclusive to IBO’s who then can set their own pay rate. That is not how we practice business, what the client pays is what you are paid, end of story.

Our fees are flat and upfront. Arise issues a platform usage fee of $19.95 bi-weekly this gives you access to the infrastructure and electronic scheduling systems. USVC assess a $40.00 fee per pay period. This is a flat rate that includes the $19.95 Arise fee. As the issuing LLC, we incur a cost for payroll and administrative work. It also covers the online invoice system usage, a feature not widely offered with other IBO’s.

Other IBO’s charge more and do not offer half of the services we do. Some even charge a percentage of your full earnings. This means the more you are paid, the more the IBO collects. At USVC, we believe your revenue, bonuses, and incentives are 100% yours; you earned it!

Lastly, we offer our CSP’s full commitment. We not only support, but advocate on your behalf. Our success as a company is contingent on your success, which makes your success our ultimate goal. Our teams as a whole have a real sense of comradery and motivate each other to be outstanding. If you are searching to be part of a dynamic team with a strong value system, then USVC is the ultimate choice for you.


US Virtual Careers, LLC is an Arise Premier Partner! Quality, integrity and excellence is what we stand for.
• Special Voucher Offers: Partnering with a Premier Partner IBO means that you will have access to special voucher offers you will not be able to find elsewhere.
• Support Community: USVC has a very active support community with hundreds of client service professionals on our team.
• Direct Line Of Communication: USVC has a direct line of communication with Arise because we are a Premier Partner status which assists in getting you quick and efficient support!


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