US Virtual Careers recognizes that working from home offers all the convenience and comfort we desire. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions. Contact us here if your question doesn’t appear on this page.

Yes, this opportunity is 100% legitimate. We understand the overwhelming amount of scams on the Internet today. US Virtual Careers is an established LLC in the state of North Carolina. We are a reputable business in the Arise Virtual Solutions Network. Please watch this video to learn more.

Arise does not hire independent contractors directly. They partner with Limited Liability Companies who hire independent contractors. Arise also does not distribute payroll, and it is the responsibility of the LLC to issue compensation to each contractor directly.

USVC issue’s payment bi-weekly on the 1st and the 15th of the month via Direct Deposit, Paypal or Check.

A headset is required for training and it must have a USB connection. A headset is imperative while training and in certification. The headset will prevent sound kickback from your speakers, which could be very disturbing to the class. Here is one we recommend and works great.When you begin to service, you will need a call center phone connection to receive internal calls. Please hold off on purchasing the phone system until you choose which client to represent. In rare occasions, a contractor may have different phone requirements. When you are ready here is a link to one we recommend.

Yes, if you are taking customer service calls you must have a phone line. However, if you do not have one already, please hold off until you find out what your client requires. Most will accept digital phone lines and few only except hardwire connection. We can also guide you to some inexpensive options when choosing a phone line. Please inquire before making a final decision. We want you to know all of your options.

The cool thing about this opportunity is you choose when to work! Many clients require that you work a set number of hours per week, usually between 10 to 15 hours. When you service those hours is up to you, just review the available times and select what works. Usually, you will create your schedules one to two weeks in advance.Here is an example.

Please watch this video.

No sweat! We have an awesome system in place that allows you to swap your hours with others in your team. This will not count against you. It is required to issue your Swap request within two hours before you’re scheduled to service. The more time in advance you post a swap the higher chance of receiving the swap.

Pay depends on the position you choose. Starting pay could be anywhere from $9 an hour to $18 and hour depending on your company of choice.USVC provides the entire breakdown you will know IN DETAIL what the position entails what the pay will be and if incentive compensation offered.

Many IBO’s do not disclose the pay grade. We, on the other hand, provide every single detail. Integrity is one of our core values, and nothing will be hidden from you, point blank.

Even better. Since you are in independent contractor, it is commonplace to receive and invoice for work done. We provide you that invoice the day the funds are released. There is no waiting, unlike other companies that make you wait 30 days.Here at USVC, we do something uncommon. We provide you with the Arise invoice as well. You will see precisely what Arise has paid you including any bonuses and incentives. Each CSP will have online access to their invoices and payment information.

We are currently hiring in all, but seven states in the US. We are not registered to conduct business in the following states.• New York
• California
• Connecticut
• Maryland
• Massachusetts
• Oregon
• Wisconsin

USVC provides a service and incurs cost to issue payroll. We charge a flat rate of $40.00 bi-weekly. The amount also includes the $19.95 processing fee assessed by Arise.Many IBO’s charge a percentage of what you earn. The more you earn, the more the IBO receives. We do not increase our fees dependent on pay. All we ask is to cover the cost of doing business. All incentives and bonuses are 100% yours…you earned it!

No, we do not deduct taxes when we pay you. Since you are an independent contractor, we only issue 1099’s. Independent contractor means you are self-employed and are required to pay your federal and state taxes directly to the IRS. (If your state has taxes)What is the benefit? As a business owner, you can deduct almost anything dealing with your business. For example, Internet and phone service, computer, office furniture, certification fees and so much more. Running a business from home has many tax advantages.

Customer service! You will answer inbound customer service calls. If you choose a sales position, all sales calls are inbound. The client is calling YOU to inquire about your product or service. Don’t worry you will not be bothering anyone, but helping them.The only exception to this is chat, of course. Chat representatives will answer customer service chats.
Want to hear a real life example? Watch this video.

All training is done in a virtual setting. To get a feel of what a class is like please watch the following video.

Training is dependent on the position and company you choose to partner with. Training dates and times will be announced. You will have the opportunity to choose what works best.Training can be anywhere from one day to one week to one month. Many variations are depending on the complexity of the position you choose.

No, training is not paid; however there will be a point during training live calls will be taken. If you take live calls during training, you will be compensated for your time.

As soon as training is complete and, certification is passed. Usually, you will have the ability to create your schedule a few days before training ends. This means you will begin servicing as soon as certification is completed. Start earning an income day one on the job.

Hundreds if not thousands of prospects apply for positions with us. Large percentages do not follow through with the application process or job certification completion. Unfortunately, the IBO would be left with an unnecessary expense.The good news is background check fees are small. The service can cost between $7.00 to $12.95 depending on your state. It also can be written off as a business expense. USVC does not collect any funds for the background check. The order is placed directly with a third party investigation company.

Contact us here if your question doesn’t appear on this page.


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