I am not going to lie, I was a little hesitate about working from home due to all of the fraud that goes on, but I did a lot of research and I spoke with Jennifer. She answered all of my questions promptly, she walked me through every step and helped me get my first client, till this day if I have a question or issue she has been right there without hesitation. I have been with US Virtual Careers for over 6 months, and I am loving every minute of it!! I am at home more with my children, and I am able to go to their practices or any school functions that comes up. We move around a lot, and right now my husband moved to GA, due to military orders and I am staying here in NC until I can finish my Nursing Degree. It is such a wonderful feeling that I can make my own schedule and know that once I finish with school, and move to GA with my husband, I can take this job with me without any issue. Thank you so much Jennifer, US Virtual Careers, for changing my life for the better!!!

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